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At Boost Strategic Coaching we design, develop, and deliver current and innovative sales and marketing training to corporate teams, entrepreneurial groups, and franchisees. We work with businesses looking for actionable training that builds their brand, promotes more competent, empowered, and successful professionals, and feeds member engagement.

Boost Strategic Coaching was founded in 2016 by Daria Malin who has grown it into a powerhouse team of dynamic facilitators and dedicated, lean-yet-powerful operations and customer service specialists. Our facilitators are more than trainers; they are seasoned experts with diverse backgrounds encompassing communications, tourism, real estate, finance, franchise systems, and advertising. With over a century of combined experience in business development, our team embodies knowledge, wisdom, and expertise that informs and enhances every Boost endeavor.

The catalyst for our growth came from the success of our inaugural online course, “Rethink Marketing”. This success propelled us to broaden our horizons, offering team-based business growth strategy training and coaching tailored for both corporate teams and entrepreneurial groups.

Our unique strength lies in our ability to provide an exceptional blend of sales and marketing training, a distinctive approach that sets us apart from firms exclusively focusing on either sales training or digital marketing techniques. We understand that the synergy between sales and marketing is crucial for business success.

As we continue to expand our presence across North America, we are proud to offer training in both English and French, ensuring accessibility for a broader audience. Boost Strategic Coaching remains dedicated to shaping the future of business growth education with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of holistic sales and marketing training in North America, dedicated to assisting entrepreneurial groups and sales organizations in unlocking the full potential of their team members and achieving optimal business success.

Our Mission

Empowering North American entrepreneurs and sales professionals through innovative group sales and marketing training, motivating action and fostering success.

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Meet Daria Malin (she/her), the visionary force behind Boost Strategic Coaching and author of “Hands-On Marketing: The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Advertising & Branding.” Daria’s business journey began in her family’s DQ franchise in Saskatoon, Canada, and she later obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing from the University of Saskatchewan. Upon graduation, she entered the financial services industry, then transitioned to and worked in media advertising sales for 16 years, building and rebuilding her business after three maternity leaves. In 2016, driven by a passion for empowering professionals to succeed, Daria established Boost Strategic Coaching.

Daria has built a distinguished career marked by numerous professional accolades, notably earning the title of Advertising Consultant of the Year in 2015 and being a two-time finalist for the NSBA’s Business Builder of the Year award. Her commitment to professional development keeps her involved in valuable coaching and training programs, including exceptional experiences at the Wizard Academy Non-Traditional Business School in Austin, Texas.

Daria’s diverse experience includes creating four successful brands, including the multi-national non-profit organization, Ukrainian Patriot. Beyond her career, Daria is a passionate supporter of the arts, diversity and inclusion, and the ongoing efforts to support Ukraine. Through her contributions, Daria has played a vital role in the growth of numerous businesses, showcasing her dedication to fostering success in others. Her mission is to equip entrepreneurs and professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to maximize their potential.

Daria Malin, Owner & Lead Strategist - Boost Strategic Coaching

Our Team      

Daria Malin
Owner & Lead Strategist
Cole Wedemeier
Business Manager
Becca Nguyen
Client Relations Manager
Michelle Rockwood
Head of Corporate Accounts, Sales Trainer
Laurie Lastowsky
Marketing Coordinator
Karen Aydt
Shawna Nelson
Brett Skrupski
Véronique Loewen
Facilitator, French Programming
Marielle Gauthier
Facilitator, French Programming

This is our core team, bolstered by a substantial pool of talented professionals who
seamlessly join and complement us when needed.

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