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Daria Malin is the owner of Boost Strategic Coaching and the author of the book Hands-On Marketing: The Small Business Owner's Guide to Advertising & Branding. Daria is a strategic advisor to business owners and professionals in the areas of sales, business development, professional branding, and advertising.

Daria holds her Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Marketing with Distinction) from the University of Saskatchewan. she is also a graduate of the Wizard Academy which is a non-traditional business school in Austin, Texas. She spent 16 years working in media advertising sales as an advertising consultant where she received numerous achievement awards including Advertising Consultant of the Year in 2015. In 2016 she founded Boost Strategic coaching and released her book in 2017. Daria has vast experience in business development and spent much of her career offering sales and marketing services through planning and facilitating advertising campaigns and promotions in both traditional and digital media. She has created four successful brands including an international nonprofit organization (Ukrainian Patriot) and has been instrumental in the growth of countless others.


I'm a small-town Canadian (based in Saskatchewan: pronounced; suh·ska·chuh·waan) Marketing Strategist, Coach, Author & Educator working with clients all over the world to help them achieve BIG goals.
I worked in a corporate sales job for many years before venturing out and starting Boost Strategic Coaching. It was hard work, baby steps forward (most often with a cha-cha backward) and with grit & determination, I've compiled all the lessons I've learned into a proven business development process that I am thrilled to share with my amazing clients and audiences. 

On any given day you will find me sipping coffee (hopefully with a slice of freshly baked banana bread) while supporting business owners and professionals in finding clarity when it comes to their sales and marketing efforts. 

All of my clients are remarkable, driven, and offer seriously valuable services. They’re great at what they do, but either don't know how to truly sell, or want to put a finer point on their sales practices. And they’re looking for ways to advertise that will really connect them to their ideal clients.

I'm guessing if you're still reading, you can relate?!  I developed a simple, yet highly effective blueprint. One that focuses on those missing sales and marketing skills and drives impressive business results in the process. 

Nothing lights me up more than helping people live into the big dreams they have for their business. Sometimes owning a business or being a leader in a company can all just feel like too much, and our only friends are cabernet + merlot (and they don't solve any problems!)

I want to be the voice of possibility for your business, reminding you that you really can do this.  

Drop me a note and let’s connect!



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"HIGHLY RECOMMEND [Daria] if you are looking for a business coach or you’re in need of some guidance on marketing yourself and what you have to offer the world!"

Carla Unger, Business Owner

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"Daria offers strategic, measurable and innovative methods in her one-on-one coaching sessions. Book... with Daria before making any advertising or communication investments."

Shenuka - Business Owner

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"Daria has been a key role model keeping me and my team with accountable and identifying potential areas of expansion. We highly recommend Boost Coaching in our industry as well as others. They really help soar our business revenues and our business development"

Ritesh Mistry, Partner

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"Daria was exactly the person I needed when I was considering ramping up my (business) side gig into a full-time business. She helped me strategize and plan to launch a successful full-time translation and communication consultancy. Her process and insight were exactly what I needed. She also provided me with tools to help ensure that my business will be operational in the future. I would highly recommend her no nonsense, direct and highly effective approach to anyone starting the entrepreneurial journey or who has been in business for a while and requires another kick-start or new tools to continue to grow. Whether you attend one of Daria's courses, webinars or hire her as your business coach, you're bound to benefit - I surely did!"

Veronique Loewen, Business Owner

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Sales & marketing focused coaching & training to give your business or career a boost.

"Your greatness is limited only by the investment you make in yourself." - Grant Cardone