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Current, innovative sales and marketing training to support more competent, empowered, and successful professionals.

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 What We Do



Boost Strategic Coaching designs and delivers expert corporate learning programs for entrepreneurial groups, industry associations, and corporate teams to enhance their sales and marketing results. We break big concepts into simple actions that professionals at all levels can use to build their business, one step at a time.

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Why It Matters



Successful organizations arm their professionals with easy-to-follow performance improvement strategies and tools, allowing for more effective business development and marketing efforts that consistently move the needle forward.

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Who We Work With


 Sales managers and programming coordinators who want to provide their teams and members with “next level” sales and marketing training to support more competent, empowered, and successful professionals.

Boost Strategic Coaching’s training programs provide a qualified coach and a defined step-by-step plan for every professional to follow as part of their weekly practice to ensure that they are: 

  • Building and leveraging their networks
  • Connecting with their most valuable markets
  • Following through on leads to close sales

The Boost approach is functional and streamlined. The programs explore fundamental concepts on which you can build your entire sales strategy. They talk about the importance of understanding the markets you’re going after as a sales driver. And how an increasingly competitive and technologically connected business world requires steps to control and manage your professional reputation, both online and in the real world.

If your sales and marketing efforts are not bringing the results you are expecting, Boost's interactive sessions are an energizing and informative way to set and achieve your next big goals.

Your Go-To Marketing Coach Putting the Action in Traction 

Headquartered in Saskatchewan, Canada, Boost Strategic Coaching is a prairie-based corporate education company that creates customized, actionable business development training programs for entrepreneurial and corporate groups. 

With years of corporate sales experience fueling her fire, owner and key marketing strategist, Daria Malin, dedicates her time and expertise to educating and coaching clients around the world to help them reach (and surpass) their targets. 

Daria has helped companies across Canada save hundreds of thousands of dollars in misdirected marketing efforts. A strategic advisor to business owners and professionals in the areas of business development, branding, and advertising, she motivates and empowers success.

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Our Approach

Our proven, comprehensive process includes high-impact steps that are often missing in some of the most advanced sales and marketing training programs. Whether you are new to business development or a seasoned sales professional, our clear roadmap to successful growth is an invaluable tool to have in your arsenal. 

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“If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It”

We structure our programs around this mantra, meaning that all of our teachings include actionable, measurable steps that participants implement to get to the next goal. Our exceptional team offers live or self-directed training programs to meet the educational needs of both experienced and novice business professionals across Canada and the United States.

Top-Notch Training that Stands Out From the Rest

Our signature steps include:


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Strategic Prospecting


Focusing on identifying, qualifying, and prioritizing sales opportunities within strategically selected niche markets. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.

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Effective Messaging


Every entrepreneur and professional needs to be able to clearly and concisely communicate their value and solution to a new prospect. We give you the tools required to develop your directives in a way that is compelling to your niche markets. Muddled messages cost opportunities.

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Strategy to Build Visibility and a Strong Professional Brand 


Identifying where your target audiences spend their time (both online and offline) provides you with understanding of where your networking efforts should be focused. Such insights allow you to become the “go-to” provider for that market.

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Activating Your Network






Learning to leverage and transition contacts from great relationships to educated referral sources so you gain clients on repeat.

In addition to live training, we offer customized prerecorded online training programs. Designed for accountability, our personalized web-based solutions are arranged in the following steps:

  • Participants follow our professionally produced video modules
  • Participants complete hands-on learning materials
  • Participants attend live, in-depth coaching and learning sessions via Zoom
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Colin Baerg, IG Wealth Management

“We started at a regional level, building out clear communication, getting a good understanding of what our message to the high net worth people in our industry. And since then, it's actually expanded to a national scope. So very, very exciting working with Daria. She's been absolutely amazing to work with.”

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Carla Browne, Real Property Management

“Daria is an invaluable resource to assist with making the complicated uncomplicated. In the development of the program, we appreciated the time Daria took to really understand what we were needing, our industry, and the best way to deliver it.” 

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Michelle Thevenot, Michelle Thevenot Artwork

“During my time in the course, my career has taken leaps and bounds forward in achieving big goals and accomplishments” 

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