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Learn from Boost's CEO and Lead Strategist, Daria Malin, with these webinars and interviews​

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NSBA Webinar Series

Business Development in Challenging Times

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Hosted by Keith Moen from NSBA.

Daria presents on why it’s so important to stay engaged with your niche markets and how to make the most of your time at home during COVID-19.

Topics covered:

  • Why it’s important to review and update your business model
  • Focusing on fundamentals that every business should have
  • How to increase your activity level within your business

This presentation is full of practical, hands-on tips so you’ll definitely want to grab your notebook and a comfy chair!

The Road Less Traveled

The Copilot Coaching Model

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Hosted by Evan Drisner from Shaw Community Link.

Evan’s channel features local business leaders/entrepreneurs from Saskatoon and their journey to success.

In this segment, they touch on everything from Daria’s work in the corporate world to taking the leap to build her own business (while raising a family of three kids with her husband and their dog Uma) to why she decided to write her book, Hands-On Marketing.

So grab a tea, get comfy and enjoy this chat on Daria’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur.

Chamber On Tap

Entrepreneurial Insights

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Interview by Nadine Kanigan, the host of Chamber on Tap, brought to you by the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce.

In this interview, Daria provides Entrepreneurial Insights:

  • How to grow your business
  • Why a mentor is important
  • Managing tasks and being accountable

You’re going to want to take some notes, so grab your favourite notebook and put your phone on mute because there’s lots of great content to help take your business to the next level!

Celebrating Simple Life Podcast

Monetizing Your Superpower

On this episode of Celebrating Simple Life, Daria and host Kimberly Evans chat about how Boost Strategic Coaching helps professionals monetize their superpowers to succeed in business.

Shaken With a Twist

WESK, Women Entrepreneurs Saskatchewan

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In this fun and engaging segment, host Sara Wheelwright from Shaken with a Twist, chats with Daria Malin, owner of Boost Strategic Coaching about “All Things Marketing”, media, and client engagement.

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