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The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Advertising & Branding

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Daria Malin holding her book, Hands-On Marketing: The Small Business Owner's Guide to Advertising & Branding

All too often I hear the phrase: “when it comes to advertising, I throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks.”

I know there’s a better way.

But most advertising resources are written for big brands with big budgets.

What’s more, they’re focused solely on online strategies.

So I wrote a book that covers what any small business owner needs to know to navigate their advertising and branding.

I like to think of it as the confused business owner’s guide to advertising – with purpose.

It’s an information manual and workbook designed to help you figure out which tools to choose to get the job done for your business.

We cover the online and traditional advertising options available and even include an Action Plan that will guide you through creating a customized strategy for your business.

There are many real-life examples and stories, too, giving you the inspiration you need to tell your story proudly, whether you are brand new to the business or a seasoned veteran.

Available on Amazon.

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