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Is your team consistently hitting your sales targets?

Motivating your sales team or entrepreneurial group feels like an uphill battle.

Low participation and lackluster enthusiasm are putting a damper on your aspirations for growth.

You’ve invested in training, but implementation hurdles and generic training content leave your team feeling uninspired.

Every "sales target exceeded" starts with our tailored training approach

Just imagine:

You’re leading a group of professionals who are motivated, engaged, and seamlessly apply cutting-edge strategies to their daily workflows.

You’re strengthening your brand in the market, engaging with those who should be buying from you, and focusing your time on the highest-impact activities.

You’re thrilled to have brought in a trusted training partner who understands your team, reinforces your internal training, and complements it with “next-level” tools and techniques in programs that get rave reviews from participants.

Work with Boost for fresh training that reflects current market requirements and supports more competent, empowered, and successful professionals.

And it all begins with a transformative training approach.

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Our Areas of Instruction

Comprehensive training assures your team stays ahead of the curve

Strategy Development

Professionals have the habit of jumping right to tactics when it comes to sales and marketing, and skipping the crucial step of building a solid strategy as their foundation. Without a solid strategy defining who they are targeting and what those markets need to hear from them, sales and marketing efforts will fail to achieve the results they are hoping for.

We focus on strategic prospecting, targeted messaging, building visibility in key watering holes online and off, and activating your network for referrals. We start at the beginning and ensure those foundations are in place.

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Personal Branding

People buy from people they know, like, and trust.

We teach your team members to build their professional brand, while strengthening your corporate brand within their market.


Current and innovative sales training gives new and experienced sales professionals tools to leverage their network and reputation to gain repeat business and referrals.

We help salespeople move away from cold calling, and support entrepreneurs who are seriously uncomfortable with sales to learn how to connect with their markets in a way that feels genuine and comfortable for them. It’s sales for non-salespeople!


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Professionals are often overwhelmed with how to market themselves, even though they know they should.

We teach them how to use marketing tools like LinkedIn and newsletters to reinforce the direct business development they are doing and build credibility and top-of-mind awareness in the market.

Eliminate, Automate, Delegate

Reducing unnecessary task friction in your work day means increased leverage in your sales and marketing activities.

We support participants to refine their model, streamline systems, and master prioritization, while they benefit from personalized coaching, practical tools, and step-by-step guides for efficient operations.

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Implementation & Consistency

Learning is only as good as the implementation. With all of our training, we provide step-by-step action plans to ensure that the learning does not become “shelf help.”

We empower your team to take action immediately, and teach them how to set and work toward clear goals, and incorporate those important sales and marketing activities into their daily, weekly, and monthly practices.

1 on 1 coaching for team leaders

Need support for yourself or your team leaders?

Boost offers exclusive private coaching for sales managers, field coaches, and organizational leaders. We help you ensure your team stays committed to the sales and marketing strategies they learn during our training sessions.

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