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Real Property Management (RPM), the premier residential property management company in North America, oversees tens of thousands of properties for clients, spanning individuals, investors, and institutions across the continent. With over 300 offices in North America, including 20 locations in Canada, RPM has refined property management practices over its 30-year history to optimize client satisfaction.

In spring 2021, RPM enlisted the expertise of Boost Strategic Coaching to craft a tailored onboarding training program: the RPM Start Right Program. Comprising 7 video modules and accompanying action plan worksheets, this program equips new RPM franchisees with essential skills in sales and marketing from the outset, enhancing their prospects for success in their new ventures.

Carla Browne, Past President of Real Property Management Canada, attests to the transformative impact of the RPM Start Right Program, stating, “The RPM Start Right Program was the missing piece to set our franchisees up for success.” Emphasizing the significance of business development in driving growth, Browne notes the program’s effectiveness in integrating this crucial aspect into the day-to-day operations of RPM offices.

Brett Skrupski, Franchise Business Coach, underscores the program’s dynamism, describing it as a pivotal element in revamping RPM’s franchisee onboarding process. Skrupski highlights how the Start Right Program simplifies complex concepts, such as “business development” and “defining ideal clients,” making them easily understandable for franchisees. This, in turn, empowers franchisees to craft effective messaging, identify target audiences, and confidently manage their businesses from day one.

Skrupski commends Boost Strategic Coaching, stating, “Working with Boost Strategic Coaching and their Start Right Program has transformed how we set our new franchisees up for success.” He acknowledges the thought, care, and attention invested by Daria and her team in creating one of the best training programs available, emphasizing its positive impact on RPM’s franchisee development.

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“The RPM Start Right Program was the missing piece to set our franchisees up for success.”

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