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3 Ways to Drive True Rewards into Your Business with Time Management



We all know time is precious. It's not renewable. It doesn’t leave us and come back to us in the way that money does. So, how are you spending your time? Are you efficient or inefficient? Are you stealing time that you should be spending on meaningful activities? And if this is an issue, how do you figure out the best use of your time?

No one wants to be that person who drops the ball for a client because they’re too busy to follow through on their promises. No one wants to be the one who fails to follow up with prospects because they’re too disorganized to make notes, have a schedule, and keep connected until they’ve engaged in the business transaction. Yet, managing time is a struggle every professional seems to have. The ones who figure out how to manage their time give themselves the biggest chance of success. 

If time management is something that keeps you up at night, try these 3 tips to get time back into your day:


1. Determine what you NEED to do to have a successful business.

First, make a priority list of what you need to spend time on to have a successful business. 

What do you have to do that nobody else can do because you're the face, name, and professional service provider of your business? The priority is usually around creating sales, which often means prospecting, networking, and some aspects of your marketing.

Put time to do those activities on your calendar first. It’s as simple as that. Block those times off with the same ranking as if they’re your most important client meeting.

If you don't have time blocked off to do business development, you risk missing out on the rewards your business can generate in the long term. Business development brings you sales and success.

From here, you can organize the rest of your time.


2. Figure out how much time you need to serve your clients.

What are the tasks that only you can do for your clients? 

Make sure those are booked into your schedule next. 

Some of my favourite tools for time management include the Mel Robbins' 5 Second Journal and Asana. But you really don’t need much more than the calendar you already use.


3. Set aside time for professional development.

The third area to schedule in your work calendar each week is professional development. 

I truly believe it’s the responsibility of every entrepreneur and every professional service provider to be the best  you can be. It means you can serve your clients with the very best you can offer and you're giving your business the very best chance of success. 

After all, you’re putting all this time into your business, away from your family, away from other activities, and away from your hobbies. Make the most of it!

You are in charge of your time, and you get to choose what you do with it. 

Going into every  week, you can be deliberate by having a plan. You can say no to everybody else dictating how you spend your time. 

I would love for you to feel time freedom and the rewards that follow by taking one or two of the tips that I mentioned and implementing them into your business. Let me know what works for you!


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