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When to Fire a Client and How to Do It with Integrity

Ever had an indecisive client who doesn’t know what they want? Ever had a bullying client, or one who doesn’t get you the information you need on time? Or maybe you’ve changed....

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3 Ways to Drive True Rewards into Your Business with Time Management



We all know time is precious. It's not renewable. It doesn’t leave us and come back to us in the way that money does. So, how are you spending your time? Are you efficient or...

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Setting Yourself Up For A Prosperous Year

 As we approach the end of each year, we tend to think about how this year went and start getting ready for the new year. 2021 was a difficult one, and we all thought it would be better than...

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Why Aren't They Coming Back?

McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Apple and Walmart have all built their business on continuous, relentless messaging to the market. They didn’t simply announce their opening and then rely on...

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Uma the Superdog and Other Emotional Purchases


When it comes to purchasing products, people make decisions with their hearts and justify those decisions with their minds. 

You might think it’s counter-intuitive to think that...

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You're Amazing! Let me tell you why.

I think you are amazing! Yes, you.

 I am sure that over your career you have hit a whole bunch of different roadblocks and there have been things that have stopped you in your tracks. You...

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What My Dad Taught Me About Service

I want to tell you about my Dad, Robert. He was a gardener, a kaiser player, and a proud “gido” to his grandchildren. He was also a natural salesperson and connector.  He was the...

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5 Lessons I've Learned From My Business

Look back, you’ve blazed a path! Sometimes you have to look back to see how far you’ve really come. 

What the heck is a phone book?

Like many of you, I started in the...

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Are You Hacking or Hacking AT Your Business?

Have you been giving your business the care it REALLY needs? (Be honest!)

You only have so much time in the day. And so much of that time goes into doing your business instead of growing...

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3 Steps to Profitability

You might be a ghost to the people who need you. You may avoid talking to people about what you do because it feels slimy. Don’t be a ghost. 

Get your business in order with VCP:...

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