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How to Spread the Right Message to the Right People with Your Marketing


Most people skip one crucial step when they’re developing their marketing strategy. They jump straight to tactics, then wonder why their plans don’t work quite so well. And...

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7 Ways to Make Your Holiday Benefit Your Business

I’ve said this before and I will say it again: getting away from your business is good for business.

Are you the type of professional who never uses up all allotted holidays because...

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The 5 W's of Connection: #1 - WHY

Business is all about connections and building relationships that turn into opportunities. These opportunities come in the form of referrals to new customers, meeting new people in your industry,...

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Be a Broken Record

When it comes to your marketing, I want you to be a broken record.



People always say to me “I want to change things up with my marketing.” “I’m getting...

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Do Animals talk to you?

Do Animals talk to you? Are you lost in the woods when it comes to your marketing, wishing that if you just start singing,  your animal friends would pop out to help? 

Operating a...

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What Would You Do With A Second Chance?

It feels like it’s been 84 years since we’ve all been together. 


I have been thinking about how much we’ve accomplished over this difficult time, even when...

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Investing In Yourself - How To Choose


As consumers, we’re bombarded with options of what to buy, being influenced in every possible way, and everyone is vying for the money in our pockets.


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Knowing THIS Difference Could Save Your Business

Remember this campaign? ‘Old Spice - the Man your man could smell like.’ They humorously repositioned Old Spice from an old person’s soap company to every...

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Rediscovering Our Why


Can you answer this question within 30 seconds…

Why do you do what you do?

The majority of us have found ourselves with extra distractions over the past while, both personally and...

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Will They Remember You?

You’ve just met someone for the first time at a business function. You walk away and they are left more confused about what it is you sell and do than before you started talking to them....

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