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Dealing With Adversity....I Did NOT See That Coming!

As many of you know, I broke my foot at the end of summer. I would love to tell you I was doing something crazy like skydiving or attempting a backflip, but I was simply walking down the stairs in my home.  In one split second, the trajectory of my life for the next 2-3 months was drastically altered. I went from being out and about at meetings and events during the day and driving my kiddos around to extracurricular activities at night to being propped up with pillows at home with my driving foot elevated and out of commission.

Part of me wanted to just put life on hold and stay home and watch a Netflix series, or two until I was healed, but I’m mindful that what gets me busy in business also keeps me busy, and I didn’t want to lose my momentum. So I kept working at the things that make my business successful.  Have I been at it 100%? No. I’ve been at about 60% due to my mobility, but I've been putting in 100% of what I could do given the circumstances.

Some of the things I’ve been doing to make sure I stay on track have been:

  • Reviewing my weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals
  • Keeping in touch with champions
  • Attending some of the events in my business circles (ridin’ my fancy scooter)
  • Keeping meetings with new connections (many switched to phone meetings)
  • Taking advantage of some new-found desk time to revisit my processes and review what I need to be delegating 

In business as in life, it isn’t about being perfect. It’s about perfecting your effort during the current situation.  There will always be ebbs and flows in our productivity level. The key is not resorting to making excuses. Of course, it’s easy to make excuses and can be challenging to make a commitment. Commitment comes with practice, so the more you commit to the process during tough times, the more success will follow.

All the best,



*Photo by Yomex Owo on Unsplash


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