Tips for You and Your Business in Challenging Times

Hello friends,

Our lives have all been profoundly affected over the last week by COVID-19. It is an unsettling moment in history. We don’t know how long things will take to play out, and it’s difficult not to worry about the long-term effects on business.

I’ve put together a quick list of tips to help you stay on track during these turbulent times;

Get back to basics. 

Stay consistent in the activities that got you here in order to keep your business on track and keep serving your markets; make your calls, reach out to clients, refocus on niche markets, strengthen strategic alliances.

Don’t pull back. 

It’s only natural to want to do that. But during times of crisis, it’s important to keep your activity levels up. For example, I am keeping my scheduled meetings but switching them to virtual coffee or lunch dates.

Stay focused on what you can control. 

Manage your expectations, stay disciplined and know that the main thing you CAN control is your activity level. When working from home it is important to create rituals and routines. Putting together a weekly schedule to follow will help you stay on track.

Adapt and evolve.

How we conduct business is going to be different, mainly because we are keeping our distance. Now’s the time to start leveraging technology;

  • Hold virtual meetings through Google Hangouts, Zoom or by phone
  • Videoconference group events
  • Make a list of the prospects and champions you’ve been meaning to connect with and set up virtual lunches and coffees with them. You can connect with a lot of people in a day without the usual commuting time. 

Adopt a growth mindset

Use some of your time to work on your own professional development and your business;

  • Read books or take online business/leadership courses on topics you see as valuable
  • As consumer buying patterns change, you will want to brainstorm new opportunities and ways to serve your markets 
  • Review your strategic plan and SWOT analysis

Keep in touch.  

Texts, phone calls, and messages go a long way. A hand-written note to a client or champion not only reminds them that you’re thinking about them but adds that personal touch that is especially valuable during challenging times. 

Offer support

Your clients and champions still need you. Take this opportunity to let them know you’re available. Possibly even supply a list of services you think they may need from you during this period. Watch your inbox because I’ll be sending you something along those lines soon.

History has shown that in times of crisis, those who keep honing their craft and leveling up in their business, weather the storm and come out on top. This may not feel like an opportunity, but it can be. 

Stay well and take care,  



*Photo by Omar Yehia on Unsplash


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