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Are You Hacking or Hacking AT Your Business?

Have you been giving your business the care it REALLY needs? (Be honest!)

You only have so much time in the day. And so much of that time goes into doing your business instead of growing your business. It’s the difference between hacking at your garden and cultivating and caring for it.

Let me ask you, are you hacking your business, or hacking AT it? Because when you hack AT it, it could very well die a painful death.

Are you burning out from all the HACKING? Nurturing requires a gentle, strategic approach. It may be time to give yourself and your business some much needed TLC. 

Here are 3 tips to actually cultivate and grow your business:

  1. PLANT opportunities in your current niche markets to put down strong roots where your best prospects are.
  2. SOW great partnerships with people in complementary services who are serving the same niche markets as you because you could be the missing link for each others’ clients.
  3. PRUNE anything that’s unnecessary in your  business by eliminating, automating, or delegating to free up more time, focus on activities that will expand your business, and make more impact.

And guess what? I have a download for that! Get my list of 29 ways you can eliminate, automate, and delegate tedious business processes to seriously elevate your business. Because when you pull away the weeds and hack your business the right way, you’ll be amazed at what you can grow.


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