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Be a Broken Record

When it comes to your marketing, I want you to be a broken record.



People always say to me “I want to change things up with my marketing.” “I’m getting bored.  I think my audience is getting bored.

You would be surprised how long you should run the same message.  I have had lots of conversations about frequency and consistency in marketing.  It is so important to stay consistent and make sure your chosen audience hears or sees the same messaging from you over and over again.

People always think that they are “bugging” their audience when really people are barely noticing our message.  To give you some perspective, back in my days in advertising, when we used to put together radio campaigns we would run the same commercial 21 to 35 times a week and the same branding message we could run for 3 to 6 months before changing it.  And I’ve been gone from advertising for a number of years, but I still hear on the radio some of the campaigns running that I created with my clients. Why is that? Because right when you’re starting to get sick of your own message because you’ve heard it so much, most people are just barely noticing and starting to pay attention to it.

Here’s a little secret: they don’t care as much as you! They aren’t paying as close attention as you, and they will not notice it as much as you will.  Not EVERYBODY who is hearing or seeing your message is in the market right this minute!  So in order to get the sale, it’s your job as a marketer to keep reminding them UNTIL they are in the market for what you sell!  

It is not your prospect’s job to remember you. As a marketer, IT IS YOUR JOB TO REMIND THEM. 

So don’t be afraid to be consistent. Whichever social platform you’re on can tell you how many times a week they recommend you post.  And I promise it’s more than you think.  

Remember - whichever audience you choose to communicate with, do it with consistency and frequency.  You will build top-of-mind awareness, become KNOWN for something, and people will think of YOU when they need you, no matter when that happens to be.


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