Do Animals talk to you?

Do Animals talk to you? Are you lost in the woods when it comes to your marketing, wishing that if you just start singing,  your animal friends would pop out to help? 

Operating a business can often feel like you’re living alone in a forest (without the helpful animal friends to talk to).  It can be scary and lonely.  If you’re the boss, you don’t have peers inside your company to turn to. You don’t necessarily want to go to your employees for support.  But I promise you, someone out there has done what you’re trying to do.

I’ve had clients admit that their biggest fear when reaching out for coaching was that they were afraid to let me in to see how “messy” their business was behind the scenes.  

But every business owner worth their salt is insecure about the messy parts of their business or the scars you have acquired over time. But a business coach is there for the messes.  And we’re here to help heal those wounds, not open them up.

If this is resonating with you, here are my top 4 bits of advice:

  1. Phone a friend. Someone who is in a similar position to you, and just compare notes.
  2. Build a peer group.  Grab 3 or 4 like-minded professionals and commit to meeting for lunch or dinner once a month.  Make sure to spend some time during each visit talking through a decision or problem each of you is facing.
  3. Find a mentor. A mentor can give you perspective and feedback on whatever you’re working on based on having more experience than you.
  4. Hire a coach. If you need to get better at a specific skill, find a coach who focuses on that skill who can teach you what you need to know and keep you accountable for following it through.

I have done and continue to do all of these things. (Yes, even coaches have coaches!) I wouldn’t be where I am today without these things.

So instead of wishing you could wave your magic wand and have animals help you out, try taking a leap that will serve you better and ask for support. You will be surprised how many people are there to assist and support you when you start showing up with a growth mindset and an openness to learning. And guess what, everyone around you is struggling in different ways in your business and they might be waiting for you to make the first move.


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