Eliminate, Automate, Delegate


Are you still avoiding business development and putting off marketing?

If you are solid on what you offer and who you want to work with, then why are you still not reaching out to your prospects or getting those marketing things done that you know you NEED TO DO?

Is it because you’re too busy?

If that’s the case, ask yourself “WHY am I too busy?”. 

What is that you’re doing instead of the things that are actually going to grow your business?


Time Audit

If you get to the end of each day without sharing your offering with your markets because you're keeping busy with everything else, then you need to curate what it is you’re spending your time on.


When you’re building a business, you need to intentionally designate time to the things that are actually going to move the needle in your business and get rid of the things that are not the best use of your time.


The Best Activities for Your Time

  • Direct work and engagement of your existing clients.
  • Presenting your product or service to new prospective clients. 


Now that doesn’t mean that none of the busy work has to be done, but it probably doesn't all have to be done by you.


Create a “Don’t-Do” List 

  • Make a BIG list! Write out all the things on your to-do list right now.
  • Go through and cross out the things that you can eliminate. What are the “nice to haves” that are not crucial to achieving your goals in business.
  • Highlight the things you can automate - what things can technology do that you’ve been doing?  
  • Circle the things on your to-do list that you can delegate - is there somebody who is better at some of those admin things than you?


A “Must-Do” List Evolution

After curating, you can then focus and designate your time to build your business. 

  • Eliminate: Leave that cover-page style design for another day.
  • Automate: In Gmail - Auto-forward all receipts and invoices that come in directly to your bookkeeping app, saving a step and therefore precious time. 
  • Automate: Set up an online calendar system so people can book appointments with you without the back and forth emails that usually go with setting up meetings.
  • Delegate: Spend a bit of money to hire out some of the administrative things like bookkeeping, filing and cover-page making. This will open up your time for the activity that will make you more money, and you will more than recoup your hiring investment.
  • Designate: Now that you have freed up some time. Go out and see 3 new prospective clients TODAY!


So I want you to remember, and repeat after me: Eliminate. Automate. Delegate.


Then once you have freed up your time, you can designate time to the things that are most important. 


The best use of YOUR time is on things that will:

  1. GROW your business, and 
  2. SERVE your clients once they do engage. 


Anything that doesn’t fall into these 2 categories - be ruthless and get them off your plate!  Your business will thank you.


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