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How to Party like a Pro!


Opening a business is like preparing for a party. (though if you’re a business owner you will argue that this feels nothing like a party). But how do you party like a Pro?!

You start your planning by choosing a theme, then you create and put up decorations, yell at your kids as you all scramble to clean the house, prepare and put out appetizers, stop at the liquor store to stock the bar fridge, go back out because you forgot ice, wipe your kids’ faces and brush their hair, yell to go and clean up their toys (again), and then scramble to look like you’re relaxed and in control when your guests arrive. 

Then you wait. And wait. 

As the hours pass and no one shows up, it dawns on you: in all the chaos to get the party together, you forgot to send out the invitations! It looks like it’s going to be a party just for you because nobody else knows that there is anything even happening. 

This is what happens when a business opens its doors (in person or online) and doesn’t budget time or money for marketing in the first year. I’ve seen it happen. The advertising budget is the first thing to get cut when money is tight, and the time set aside for social media and networking are the first things to be cut when you get busy. These things should really be a top priority. You need to get prospects engaged to start generating sales. 

A business can be set up beautifully, it can be cozy, smell nice, have beautiful lighting, and exceptional merchandising. Everything can be flawless, but if no one knows you exist, your business will fail because no one will walk through the doors. 

If you want to party like a pro, you need to structure your business in a way where your strategy includes a marketing strategy. You can build it, but if they don’t come, you have a beautiful business with no customers.

The reality is that having something great to offer is not enough. You also have to communicate that offer to your community—otherwise, no one will even know it’s available to them. 


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