I'm Not a Hunter, But If I Was I Wouldn't Wear Camo

Are you wearing camouflage while your competitors are wearing hot pink? If you’re shrinking and fading into the background online, that’s what you’re doing - you’re wearing camouflage. You are hidden - blending into your surroundings and therefore NOT getting noticed.

When you’re doing it right, you’ll be noticed online by the people who you WANT to find you. You are ultimately “hunting” for prospects but unlike an animal hunter, you WANT to be found.

Here’s what I mean when I say “doing it right”

  • You’ve chosen your niche markets.
  • You’re directing your messages to them by both being CLEAR on the problem you solve for THEM, and by targeting your ads and posts to what matters to them.
  • You are CONSISTENTLY communicating with them - week in week out - to stay top of mind until they need what you sell (rather than hopping in and out as you have time).
  • You are ENGAGING with your audience rather than just posting at them.

When you are doing these things, you’re building top-of-mind awareness with them.  Then if someone needs what you sell, they can’t help but think of you first.

The Google Game

Let’s talk about Google for a second. Lots of businesses play the Google game and put all their focus on appearing at the top of the Google ranking in their business category.  While this can be an effective way to get new clients (I mean we all turn to Google when we need something new and don’t have a business in mind), it can be a difficult and expensive game to win, especially if you have a lot of competition.

When people have no brand in mind for something, they Google it.  The more work you do to brand yourself, the better chance they’ll just come directly to you.  And even if they DO turn to a Google search, you’re more likely to be PICKED out of the list if they’ve heard of you before. You’ll be the one wearing the pink shirt while everyone else is in camo.


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