BE the Lighthouse: How to Have Prospects Navigate Directly to You

In last week's video, I talked about how to be noticed and picked out of the masses online. Now I want to talk about dialing in our marketing even further than that, and I want to shift our focus more to the real world and your own business network.  

In the forest of online marketing, I want you to be the one wearing pink among a bunch of people wearing camouflage.

But in the real world - meaning your own business network - I want you to be the lighthouse. 

What Does It Mean to Be the "Lighthouse"?

The lighthouse is the beacon people see, point to, and focus on no matter where they are in their path.

A lighthouse is a direction point if you are in trouble to get you back on point, or a waypoint for ships. 

Their Problem and Your Solution

No matter what business you’re in, you are dealing with a client’s acute or general problem. Once you determine what those problems are these are the next steps:

  • You need to figure out who your prospects are ALSO talking to when in search of a solution. ie Who else do they go to when they have this problem? 
  • You then need to build relationships with those people so they can point your prospects down the path toward you. ie. empower them to become champions for your business

For example, I had a client who is a physiotherapist. He spent a lot of energy focusing on SEO and his Google ranking and he did gain some new clients from people google searching physiotherapy clinics in his city.  

In our work together, we identified that he needed to be known among the doctors who specialized in the same medical conditions as he treated in his physiotherapy clinic. As he started building “champion” relationships with those doctors, they started sending well-qualified clients his way consistently.  

BE the Lighthouse

The benefit of a lighthouse is innately being the lighthouse. No one ever says “there are 1 of 4 lighthouses you can look at”, they say “That’s the lighthouse you need to navigate by”.  

In the online world, being found and picked is an intentional accident - you need 10 people to trip over you. Offline in the real world, what you’re looking to do is to have someone navigate that prospect directly to you. 

Ask Yourself:

  • Who in my network is helping my prospects navigate?
  • Have I been in touch with them?
  • Are they pointing people to my lighthouse?

When you become the lighthouse, you'll be a beacon of light for those who need your direction most. 


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