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Investing In Yourself - How To Choose


As consumers, we’re bombarded with options of what to buy, being influenced in every possible way, and everyone is vying for the money in our pockets.

And with these options come claims of...

  • the lowest price
  • the best product
  • the biggest results

Rides can be fun, but being taken for a ride is a completely different matter.  



I am a big fan of professional development. If you can learn from a mentor, a program, a conference, or a coach and speed up your success, you should do it. But how do you know what will work and what won’t? 

How can you trust what you’re buying and who’s selling it to you? 

Just like many people, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on professional development over the years; online courses, e-books, and coaching by people who claim that they are the leading authority on business, leadership, marketing, you name it. And I know I’m not the only one. 

  • How do you know what’s legit or not? 
  • How do you know if they are what they say they are? 
  • Is it worth the investment? 

And above all else…

  • Will it make a difference to your life or business?



As a consumer and a conveyor of business knowledge, I want to share some of what I have learned that can help you to weed out the “experts” who are just looking to make a buck rather than make a difference. 

When you’re thinking about investing in a product, program, course, or a person, ask yourself:

  • Do they have experience and success doing what I want to do?   
  • Will they teach things that are more advanced and accurately presented than what I can find online? 
  • Will they teach it in a way that I can understand and easily apply to my own business? 
  • Are the skills they teach something  I can use for my whole life or career? 
  • Will the training give me actionable steps, or just theory?
  • Can I expect a good return on my investment? 

Owning a business is a rollercoaster of experiences and even emotions. But what would it mean if you could have a smoother ride to where you want to go without all the bumps, loops, and unexpected turns? 



I’ve built my coaching model so clients can put checkmarks next to all of the things I’ve talked about here so that they know what kind of ride they’re in for. And if it won’t work for someone, I don’t sell it, meaning less of a rollercoaster ride and more of an epic road trip for my clients. 

Are you ready to do the same? If so, reach out! I'd love to see you in my one-on-one or group coaching. You don't have to do it by yourself. Book your FREE 15-minute call.


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