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It May Be Time To Throw Your Own Business Party


It may be time to throw your own business party.

One of the biggest benefits of targeting niche markets is that you can focus your time and energy on where they hang out. I call those places watering holes. BUT - what if you can’t find any watering holes where your niche hangs out? Well, maybe it’s time to create your own.

I have always said that business development needs to be a 12 month of the year process. I find that during the summer and winter holidays, the regular events I attend take a break, but my business can slow down because of it.

So, for quite a few years now, I’ve created my own gathering with like-minded people by hosting my Patio Series in the summer and my Eggnog and Ideas during the holidays. They are weekly events at a local restaurant where I invite some of my network, and they each bring somebody that is new to the group. We have a few conversation topics and hear from everyone, and we leave having expanded our network by 6 to 12 people every single time.

You can do this, too, very simply.

Reach out to a few of your contacts to get together over drinks or lunch every couple of weeks. Think of the people in your network who would benefit by knowing each other, and invite them together.

By being a connector, you’re being a champion to those around you, and building relationships for yourself at the same time.

Click here to sign up for the Patio Series in Saskatoon and if you’re in a different city, feel free to create your own Patio Series or Eggnog and Ideas in your own market and community. And be sure to let me know how it goes! (And send me an invitation….I love to travel!)


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