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Marketing Overwhelm; Where to even START?!

When I get the opportunity to meet with an entrepreneur or professional for the first time who has come to me for advice, the conversation usually starts with something like this:

“Aaaackkk - I don’t even know what I should be doing. I’m doing lots of things, I don’t know what’s working, I feel like I’m wasting time and money, I know I need help but I just don’t know what I am even looking for.”  

Can you relate to this marketing overwhelm and not knowing where to even start?! You’re DOING a bunch of things, but haven’t built a strategy and you’re already focusing on the TACTICS. That’s like building a house without creating a design or making a blueprint. Yup, just grab some wood and nails and get going and see how well that house turns out!

Building a strategy means figuring out WHO you want to appeal to and WHAT will motivate them to engage.

Implementing tactics means actually following through and acting on the strategy that you have created. Communicating with your target markets about what motivates them by posting on social media, handing out flyers, sending an email newsletter.

If you haven’t created a strategy, the tactics you implement will always fall short of expectations.  

If you are experiencing marketing overwhelm and don't know where to start and need support in creating your goals and values in order to start creating your marketing strategy, take the first step and ask for help. I’m here to make your business journey easier and more profitable.


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