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Planning Ahead for Success When You’re Already Overwhelmed

Whenever we are heading into a fresh start in our business, whether it be a new calendar year, fiscal year, or season, it can feel overwhelming when you don’t know where to start.  

Here are my tips on setting the stage for a killer year, and setting clear goals for yourself.

1. Mentally Set the Stage

  • File the past - don’t carry it forward. Just like an accountant - close the books.
  • Look at mindset - what does your mindset need to be to get the best out of yourself.  Positivity? Abundance? Optimism?

  • Put practices into action - what are the practices that you need to put in place to stay in that mindset?  It could be going for a walk each day, going to the gym, visiting with friends

2. Make a Plan and Set Your Goals

  • Take a blank piece of paper and break it into 4 quadrants.
  • Then write down 4 different types of goals: for example they could be business development, personal growth, getting admin more organized, and marketing
  • For each of these, I want you to write down: 
    • Up to 3 GOALS per category
    • With DEADLINES no further than 12 months into the future
    • 3 STRATEGIES to support each goal
    • A timeline with MILESTONES for each goal
    • Identify what you need to do and what can be outsourced

Then your job is to manage these quadrants, looking to balance your attention between the 4. 

Boom!  You have a plan!  Now go kick some butt!


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