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Rip Off the Band-Aid

When it comes to business development sometimes you just need to rip off the Band-Aid and get started.

I am currently coaching a client who is relatively new to sales. I am finding that a lot of his time is being spent avoiding the real work of connecting with new people.  He finds every excuse to stay in the “safe zone” where he doesn’t run the risk of being rejected.  He has spent hours and days making his hit lists, finding phone numbers, reviewing our training notes, working on his “script”, and anything else he can think of to avoid ACTUALLY making the calls. Does this sound familiar?

Proper preparation is important but actually making the calls  sooner than later will help you reach your sales goals faster.  If you continue to avoid reaching out until your lists are perfect, your script is polished, and your research is complete all you’ll have to show for yourself at the end of the year is a pretty pile of spreadsheets, but no new clients and so no new revenue.

Doing the big things can be hard.  But once you get started, they get easier and easier.  

So it’s time to rip off the Band-Aid and start making the calls.  Set a goal of 1 call per day to get you started slowly and work your way up.  A full client list will look much prettier one year from now than a file full of well-organized and un-executed hit lists.

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