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The 5 W's of ReConnection: #3 - WHAT


I’m guessing if you’re reading this you already have a business and know (sort of!) what it is that you are selling and offering to the market. 


Even though you might know what you are offering, trying to figure out if people (still) need or want what you are selling is another matter.


With the world changing so rapidly over the last 2 years, maybe what you can offer has drastically changed too and you need support to change your business. 


For Boost Strategic Coaching, our company has grown to offer virtual sales training programs for companies across Canada. Because companies have adapted very quickly and they realize that they can access valuable and effective resources without the trainers having to physically be in the same location as all of their sales teams. This is just one example of how a new service has now been developed in our business.


What opportunities or new trends are you seeing that you've never even considered for your business? 


Perhaps that could become your new WHAT, or can appear alongside something that you have already been offering. And what are some of the offerings that maybe just don't serve you anymore? Those are also important to look at. 


I challenge you to simply make a list of all the products and services you're offering right now and look at what things maybe don't serve you as they should in your business anymore. Then, do some market research and consider some of the things that are happening around you that you could potentially add to your business offerings. You might be surprised where these new opportunities lie.


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