Brew the ‘YES!’ Potion for Business


Don’t you wish you could just cast a spell and get that YES from the big prospect you’re waiting on? 

We all want the yes.  That’s what we’ve been working for.  Once our prospect says YES, we can do all these amazing things for them, and we know that they’ll hugely benefit from our talents and services.  But first, we just need them to say that one magic word...YES!! 

Do you find yourself waiting for the phone to ring? Or checking your email a million times a day to see if they’ve gotten back to you? Because you’ve met with this perfect prospect, had a great conversation, learned all about them, answered all the questions they had, and put together a KILLER presentation with a GORGEOUS cover page that you spent way too much time on… 

You kind of feel like that lovesick teen who is waiting for the special person to call.  

I am sorry to disappoint you, my heartsick friend, but there is no magic spell I can cast to make your prospect fall in love with you and say yes to live happily ever after together.

You can’t control the yes. 

But - there are a BUNCH of things you CAN control. And doing THESE things right will get you more yes’s more often. Think of this as your very own made-from-scratch magical YES potion.  



Step 1: Put MANY people in the mix - see as many new people as you can

Step 2: Be selective in the QUALITY of the people you see

Step 3: Walk them through a deliberate sales PROCESS  

1. Play the Field

First: let’s think about how many people you are seeing.  When people are trying to find love, they are often told to “play the field” - if you don’t get out of your pj’s and go out and meet people, your chances of finding Mr. or Miss Right are slim.  When I first start working with private coaching clients, one of the biggest problems I see is that they are NOT meeting nearly enough people each month. If you truly want to grow your business, meeting 1 or 2 new prospects a month is not NEARLY going to cut it.  

2. Quality Control

As for the quality of the people you see, I mean narrow down your niche markets to the types of prospects who will be the best fit for you.  Then focus on meeting more and more people who fit into those categories.  The better they fit with what you do, the higher your success rate will be. 

3. The  Sale - It's a Process

You didn’t go to school to learn sales, but it is a skill set that you need in business.  If you don’t know how to walk your buyers through a deliberate sales process, I can teach you. You can and should control every step of the process, not just sit by the phone hoping they’ll call.

I don’t want you to put all of your hopes and dreams on ONE prospect. Sometimes they won’t come through. Sometimes it’s the wrong fit, the wrong time, or the wrong circumstances.  Sometimes you’re just not their type. So play the field and meet MANY, but take the time to FILTER. Your time is precious and you want to make the most of it - focus on the people that ARE your clients and just don’t know it yet and then CLOSE the deal. Once you find “the one(s)” you’ll know it.

And if you need some “dating” advice or want to learn how to brew a “YES potion”,  reach out and I’ll be happy to support you. 



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