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This Old School Marketing Tactic Will ALWAYS Work

Are you feeling caught up and overwhelmed with all that is constantly changing in marketing? 

Well then let’s kick it ‘Old School’ and use the marketing technique that will stand the test of time…


Business has always been built on relationships, in-person conversations, hand shakes, and referrals.  And that hasn’t changed.  

Nothing replaces being clear with your markets, building conversations with them, and letting them know you’re their person. Then getting to do the same for others in exchange.

Your FOUNDATION should be relationships.  And when you want to reach faster and further than your network and word of mouth, THAT’S where all of the advertising comes in.  

If I were YOUR coach, I’d tell you to:

  • Prioritize networking in your calendar
  • Set  goals for how many people you were going to have a conversation with each month
  • Go to events (in person or virtual)
  • Meet new people
  • Follow up with those people for coffee
  • Look at your EXISTING contacts and your biggest fans, reach back out to THEM for coffee to see how they’re doing. 

You can still do these coffee meetings even if you can’t get together in person -  it’s just a Zoom link away, and the coffee is free!


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