What Would You Do With A Second Chance?

It feels like it’s been 84 years since we’ve all been together. 


I have been thinking about how much we’ve accomplished over this difficult time, even when we’ve had to be apart. I know that as soon as we are back together it will be a big reunion and I may hug every single one of you. Yes, it may get awkward. Prepare for it.

 Think about how much harder you had to work to build your business this year - to build connections and make deals happen - things that would have happened with very little effort during normal times. It’s amazing how we took things for granted, like a simple handshake or a coffee with a new connection. 

 And hopefully, we’ll never take them for granted again. 

 It’s like we’re all being given a second chance to reset, be thankful for the little things, and do all the things you wanted to do before but never had the courage to do. And maybe, even do things a little differently. 

 What are you going to do with your second chance, when the world opens up again?

 Will you go to those networking events you took for granted and skipped? Will you commit to all of those coffee meetings you meant to book? Will you take your business and relationships to greater heights? 

 You’ve been operating with one hand tied behind your back for months.


What will you do differently when you get to be at full capacity again? I encourage you to write down 3 things you will do with your second chance. Because, really, when do we get a second chance at business? 

 Take a moment to look back and celebrate the wins you’ve had over the last year and the connections you’ve made. Celebrate committing to the adjustments and seeing things through. Celebrate the extra hard work that you’ve put in to adapt to a virtual world and build relationships from afar. All the challenges and adjustments you’ve had to make will start to really pay off as we get closer to getting back together in person. It’s going to feel so much easier to do business because we’ve actually done it the hard way for the last year! 


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