When You FAIL to Follow Up

When you fail to follow-up, you are leaving 90% of the money on the table.

You’re looking down into a dark well. You can’t see the bottom from on the surface, and your friend next to you says ‘let’s jump in.’ Would you do it?

Let me tell you - I wouldn’t do it.  My need for excitement can be covered with a good glass of red wine and a Star Wars movie. Not really the thrill seeker over here.

When you ask someone you’ve just met to buy from you, you’re asking them to commit to a big leap into the unknown. 

It takes a huge amount of trust and the ability to take a risk. If instead, your friend brought a flashlight with them, set up a ladder and said ‘will you walk down this ladder with me one step at a time and I’ll light the way?’

Count me in! It feels a lot more comfortable taking baby steps and being able to see what is coming. What does this mean for you?  

You need to create:

  1. Visibility
  2. Credibility (Profitability comes later, I promise!) 

Make sure you are staying top of mind to get them familiar with what you do, what you sell, and how it could benefit them.

And last but definitely not least...make a plan for follow-up! (Remember that 90% of money we don’t want left on the table?!)

Did you know that: 

  1. Only 2% of sales are ever made on the 1st contact
  2. 3% are made on the 2nd contact
  3. 80% of all sales you’ll make between the 5th and 12th contact!!!

But only HALF of salespeople EVER follow up with their leads. What?! I’m no mathematician but these are crazy numbers! 

So ask yourself: How am I creating visibility and credibility within my markets? And what is my plan to follow up?

If you are not sure how to build these into your business, reach out. I have systems to get you where you need to go.


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