When You're Crystal Clear, People Come to YOU

Why do people like to swim in crystal clear lakes instead of murky waters? It’s because murky water is slimy, but also it’s because they don’t know what they’re getting into when they can’t see below the surface. Are you stirring the water and making it murky unnecessarily in your business and marketing?

When I was in advertising, I had countless conversations with clients about staying the course when they were bored with their marketing and wanted to “change it up.”

Do you ever notice that people wonder what you actually do? When you “shake things up” all the time, you muddy the waters and your message is murky. If you make people have to work to figure out what it is you do, they will go somewhere else. If you’re in murky waters, nobody will want to dive in with you.

Here are 3 things you can do to ensure clear water and attract the markets you most want to serve:

1. Don’t continuously shake things up

When you’re clear on what you do and put it out in the market don’t keep changing it because the market has a hard time tracking many frequent shifts. To keep with the swimming analogy, stay in your own swimming lane!

2. Focus on the types of people you want to work with

When you know the types of people you want in the water (being very specific on the types of people you want to work with and focusing your energy on them), encourage them to bring more like them that will come and enjoy (not people who will ask you to be something you’re not)

These people have been looking for what you’re offering and aren’t trying to get you to shift it and shake things up all the time. You don’t want a carnivore coming to your VEGAN restaurant and asking for meat options.

3. Keep your messaging clean by constantly taking stuff out, not putting stuff in

Refining all of your marketing efforts should be like a Brita filter - takes the contaminants out, doesn’t add in. Be straight to the point of what things you do for people - that’s what you keep in the messaging.


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