You Never Asked Me!


Folklore recounts the story of Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone, who, while boyhood friends, did not initially do business together as adults. Legend has it that one day at lunch, Firestone inquired if Ford was angry with him. "Of course not, Harvey," replied Ford. "What gave you that impression?" 


"You don't use my tires on your cars, Henry and I've always wondered why," said Firestone. "It's quite simple, Harvey," Ford replied. "You've never asked me."


What’s the lesson here? Ask for the business! It’s a simple lesson - but often overlooked.


We do a lot of things to lead up to a sale but then we leave it in our prospects’ court - and if left up to them they’re less likely to follow through.


Often we will recognize that our business would be an incredible fit and a great solution before the prospect does, but for some reason we hold back. We don’t want to be pushy and we think that they will eventually come to that realization on their own.


Passionately Share Your Solution

If you see the problem and the solution clearly, just ask if your business might be able to provide that solution for them. If they don’t know anything about what you have to offer, it’s your job to inform and guide them.

If you don’t ask for the business you are potentially leaving a fantastic business relationship on the table.


Professionals tend to assume that the client will ask to proceed if they want to. But at the same time, the prospect assumes the service provider will give them an indicator. Stop the assumptions and JUST ASK!


You are Authentic and Genuine

If you are being true to yourself and trusting your gut instinct you will never come across pushy. Find a way to get past the awkwardness, and then JUST ASK!  


In my webinar series, the Shouldna, Couldna, Wouldna of Marketing - I cover the 6 most common mistakes you may be making in marketing.  Not asking for the sale is one of them.  In the series I teach you how to find a way to ask for the sale that feels good and right to you and give a list of examples of how you can ask.  Check out the link for free access to this valuable resource. Then reach out and let me know how it impacts your business to figure these things out!


The Shouldna, Couldna, Wouldna
of Marketing

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