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You're Boring Yourself Out of Business

Is the buffet table more interesting than you?

Let me set the scene…

You’re at a party, someone approaches to introduce themself, and you ask, “What do you do?”  Their response is more boring than watching paint dry. Your eyes glaze over, your mind starts to wander, and all you can think about is getting to the buffet where the last chocolate desserts are waiting for you. 

They’ve lost you.

But it could have ended very differently. This conversation could have led to an important connection, big business, or a laugh or two in the very least. Any of these outcomes would have been worth losing out on the chocolate dessert...well, almost. 

But let me ask you, has the role ever been reversed? 

When someone asks you about yourself and what you do, is YOUR answer worse than watching paint dry? Be honest now. 

You only get one chance to make a first impression, as they say. How many first impressions have you lost opportunities to because you didn’t know how to answer “what do you do?”? 

How many connections or opportunities have you lost to a chocolate dessert? 

The truth is that people:

  1. Have a short attention span 
  2. Are busy with their own business and agendas

You only have a couple of seconds to make an impact. Every time you get the chance to talk about your business or offering, you need to MAKE IT COUNT. It’s CRUCIAL to spend time thinking about how you should be introducing yourself in a way that will make them take an interest.  

How do you make people take an interest? BE INTERESTING! 

And how do you make yourself interesting? Make your introduction all about THEM! Focus on what benefits you provide, and how you can make your clients richer, smarter, calmer, more organized, or better looking! Whatever is important to them about what you do. The minute you drone on about yourself, your company, how you work, how great you are...well, this happens.

I have a secret formula for helping you to tell people about you AND making you sound more interesting. A client once told me that I should change my business tagline to: Making you sound more interesting at dinner parties. Because, really, who doesn’t want that? Reach out. I would love to try my secret formula on you, too. 

I promise, I’ll make you sweeter and more interesting than any table of chocolate treats out there! 


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