Knowing THIS Difference Could Save Your Business

Remember this campaign? ‘Old Spice - the Man your man could smell like.’ They humorously repositioned Old Spice from an old person’s soap company to every woman’s dream. It became the admiration of every woman and man – and advertisers everywhere. 

But, is admiration enough? (Psst...Spoiler alert: No, no it’s not!)

We will always debate whether ads were good or bad.  Did they showcase the product enough? Or were they using gimmicks to push their product? Our opinions are subjective. You know what they say, opinions are like bottles of old spice, everybody’s got one. *wink from old spice guy*

Every brand’s intention when using social media or advertising is to MAKE SALES. We know that. But what happens when the admiration overtakes the activation of the campaign? Or vice versa?

  1. ADMIRATION: The Affinity people have towards your brand
  2. ACTIVATION: The Action they take

Admiration is nice, but it doesn’t pay the bills. (See, I told you it’s not enough!)

Too much admiration and the call-to-action gets lost. (Oops!)

Too much activation and you may just put people off. (Arrgh!)

But there needs to be a balance between the two. *Choir Singing*

When you running ads or posting on social media, what is your intention? If you don’t know, stop reading now and click the link below...FAST! I can help you!

Are you delivering content that they love, but also are willing to take the action that you intended them to take? (If you are then you can stop reading now and continue on doing what you’re doing, because you are crushin’ it!)

The Old Spice Commercial worked because it did what they intended it to do  - it increased exposure on YouTube and increased sales for their body washes and WHY?

...because it struck the perfect balance between activation and admiration.

Do you know why ‘Old’ Spice has never actually gotten “OLD”? Because they constantly RETHINK their marketing!

They are not holding on to what worked in the 60’s and hoping it stays the course. 

They are always looking for new ways to strike that balance between admiration and activation in their sales and marketing strategies.

If you also need to “spice” up your marketing join Rethink Marketing, my 8-week coaching program for businesses who want to be admired AND make more sales, on repeat. Because you’re a winner, and winners do both.


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