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What kind of learner are you?


What kind of learner are you?

I was chatting recently with a colleague and we were reminiscing about our school years.  We were discussing that there are 3 types of students:

  • The people who go to all the classes and use lots of the 1 on 1 office hours with the profs
  • The people who go to class and really enjoy the group projects with their peers
  • The people, like my colleague, who didn’t like classes or groups, she just read the textbooks

I personally showed up for class but relied a lot on the textbooks and extensive, multi-coloured-pen study notes back in school.  In my professional career I’m almost the complete opposite because it’s all about efficiency - so I prefer to seek out people who are killing it at the thing I want to get better at and just have them tell me exactly what to do to get to my goals.

Since that school years conversation, I realized that I have inadvertently built my coaching practice in a way that would suit all 3 of the student types I mentioned: 

  • For the first type we have 1 on 1 coaching, of course
  • For the second we have our group coaching programs
  • And for those who are more introverted and like to learn on their own, we have our online course; the Rethink Marketing DIY and my book, Hands-On Marketing.

All of these give our students and clients access to the core marketing tools they need in their businesses, but they suit the different learning styles.

When you work towards growing your business in a learning style that suits you, you not only will be more likely to stick with it when roadblocks come up (and we know they will!) but you will enjoy the journey in growing your business rather than feeling like it is always an end goal to achieve. Like anything in life, it’s important to be aware of what brings out the best in you, and that includes how you go about figuring out what kind of learner you are while growing your business. Do you need someone to essentially tell you what to do each month and keep you accountable? Explore 1 on 1 Coaching.  Want to set aside time for yourself each week with a teaching video and workbook?  Rethink Marketing is a great place to start.

In whatever form works for you right now, we’d love to be part of your learning and business development journey.


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