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While Everyone is Sleeping

When everyone else is snoozing, you’ll be schmoozing...

I often tell people to make sure to take a break in business because some of your best ideas and motivation will come after you’ve had a relaxing vacation. Remember vacations? 

However, summer is an opportune time for a LOT of stuff. Have you ever noticed how productive you can be during downtimes? There are fewer meetings, phone calls, and people tugging on your shirt tails. So why wouldn’t you take advantage of this time to move the need in your business?

 Around here we only get a few really good months of summer, so July and August people check out and then they get back to it in September. But what if you were one, or even ten, steps ahead of everyone else by September? Some of the “off” times when others are in slumber are the best times to gain the upper hand. Some of my best business deals have come during the season when seemingly everyone around me is tuned out.

 Take time off for a vacation, (I know, I sure will be!) but, consider doing some things to move your business forward during this time as well. Consistent progress each and every month is a surefire way to grow your business and reach your goals.

 Here are a few ideas to get started:

  1. Make updates to your website and marketing materials. Web developers, graphic designers, and marketing managers have down-times, too. They’ll be happy for the work and you’ll have a fresh new look at your business. 
  2. Consider areas in your business where you can eliminate, automate, and delegate tasks so that you can put your time and energy where it really matters. If you’re not sure what those might be, I have a fantastic download for that. Grab it here
  3. Arrange a few patio drink dates with champions that you haven’t caught up with in a while. Or in the very least, draft some emails and messages so that you have them ready for you to press send when everyone gets back to their desks. 

 BONUS IDEA: Take my on-demand course, Rethink Marketing DIYso that you can take your business from crickets to conversions. You can even complete the course patio or lakeside at your own pace.  Grab the DIY edition for $199 and jump in this summer!.

So here’s the challenge: What are the three things you’re going to do while everyone else is snoozing to keep yourself moving forward?



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