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Why Aren't They Coming Back?

McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Apple and Walmart have all built their business on continuous, relentless messaging to the market. They didn’t simply announce their opening and then rely on...

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Be a Broken Record

When it comes to your marketing, I want you to be a broken record.



People always say to me “I want to change things up with my marketing.” “I’m getting...

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Your Brand vs Coca Cola

Coca-Cola’s brand vision is said to be the universal icon for happiness. The Share-a-Coke campaign inspired a feeling of camaraderie by encouraging people to share a Coke with a friend...

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You Get To Control The Story


Whether you advertise or not, the market will have conversations about your business. 

In my previous career, when I was in advertising sales. A common objection I got from my...

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Do Animals talk to you?

Do Animals talk to you? Are you lost in the woods when it comes to your marketing, wishing that if you just start singing,  your animal friends would pop out to help? 

Operating a...

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How to Party like a Pro!


Opening a business is like preparing for a party. (though if you’re a business owner you will argue that this feels nothing like a party). But how do you party like a Pro?!

You start...

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Marketing Overwhelm; Where to even START?!

When I get the opportunity to meet with an entrepreneur or professional for the first time who has come to me for advice, the conversation usually starts with something like this:


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Uma the Superdog and Other Emotional Purchases


When it comes to purchasing products, people make decisions with their hearts and justify those decisions with their minds. 

You might think it’s counter-intuitive to think that...

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Rekindle your connections


Have you ever put off sending a simple email?

I  often find myself spending time during coaching calls composing business emails with my clients.  Marketing emails,...

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What kind of learner are you?


What kind of learner are you?

I was chatting recently with a colleague and we were reminiscing about our school years.  We were discussing that there are 3 types of students:

  • The...
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