BE the Lighthouse: How to Have Prospects Navigate Directly to You

In last week's video, I talked about how to be noticed and picked out of the masses online. Now I want to talk about dialing in our marketing even further than that, and I want to shift our focus...

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The Scariest Words in Business Development

Being afraid can cause physical reactions in the body.  When watching horror movies, you might react by shivering, closing or shielding your eyes, startling, trembling, screaming, and...

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I'm Not a Hunter, But If I Was I Wouldn't Wear Camo

Are you wearing camouflage while your competitors are wearing hot pink? If you’re shrinking and fading into the background online, that’s what you’re doing - you’re...

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When You're Crystal Clear, People Come to YOU

Why do people like to swim in crystal clear lakes instead of murky waters? It’s because murky water is slimy, but also it’s because they don’t know what they’re getting...

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No More Random Acts of Marketing

My family and I have just come back from the cabin. Blissful days spent doing nothing but sharing time together, in nature. Our cabin is completely off the grid, on an island in the middle of...

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2 Best Tips for Navigating The "New Norm"

 It’s exciting and encouraging to see more businesses start to open up. I think we’re all feeling more optimistic. Even if the road toward economic recovery and...

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Tips for You and Your Business in Challenging Times

Hello friends,

Our lives have all been profoundly affected over the last week by COVID-19. It is an unsettling moment in history. We don’t know how long things will take to play out, and...

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Wow! What a Year!

I don’t know about you but I had a heck of a year (even with my pesky broken foot)! It’s at this time of the year when I reflect on what I did, what I failed to do, and what I’m...

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Dealing With Adversity....I Did NOT See That Coming!

As many of you know, I broke my foot at the end of summer. I would love to tell you I was doing something crazy like skydiving or attempting a backflip, but I was simply walking down the stairs in...

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A Simple Summer Challenge for You

When I worked in advertising, a friend of mine who sold media space for another company once said to me “Why is it that you can sell annual campaigns for $50,000 and I can’t even sell a...

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